Many features such as live lesson, question bank, test/exam, video education, document sharing within one platform.

Virtual Clasroom, Online Lesson

Video Education

Document Sharing

Question bank and testing

One-on-One Live Lesson System

Online private lesson

Our system is specially developed for online tutoring, counselling and coaching. Teachers / Instructors can share their content of all kinds of documents and videos with their students

They can also prepare questions, tests and exams..

Our system also provides interactive live lessons and meetings in HD quality.

System Displays


Online Classroom in 1 Min

Tutors and private teachers can start an online class for as little as 1 minute and start tutoring immediately.


Online Test

You can add questions to the pool and create tests using the questions in the pool.


Document Sharing

You can share documents and videos in contents and you can also prepare and present your courses in video format.


Online Live Lesson

You can create one-on-one online courses from computers or mobile devices with your students.


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Tutoring has never been so easy before!

1. Sign Up

2. Upload, Share Videos and Documents

3. Prepare Questions

4. Register your students and give one-on-one private live lessons!


Integrated LMS, Live Lessons

This system uses cloud technologies and services and it has practical and innovative features which can satisfy tutors and students as an affordable way.

e-Learning / Online Education

Our system is an integrated e-learning / online education, digital education and course management system with 100% cloud technology.

You can give private lessons through the internet with your own tutoring system wherever you want. Tutors, instructors who want to teach at home, foreign language instructors, or even music teachers can all use the Online Tutoring System through the web and with mobile devices.

Digital Course

Similar to LMS systems, HTML5, Scorm and Tin-Can digital course contents are uploaded to the system and shared with students.

Testing Module

The online test module allows tutors to create an unlimited number of questions, tests/exams.

Online Storage

All kinds of documents such as pdf, word, power point, drawing etc. can be uploaded to the course contents.

Reporting and Management

Register your students and get detailed reports for their access to contents, participation to live lessons and get test results and analysis.

Video Course Library

Any recorded video lesson uploaded in the system is securely accessed by users.

Live Lesson

You can give one-on-one live lessons through your PC or mobile device.


Buy the best option that suits your needs!

10-User Pricing

For 10 Active Users
  • 12-months 400 USD in advance
  • 55 USD / month
  • 55 USD

25-User Pricing

For 25 Active Users
  • 12-months 600 USD in advance
  • 80 USD / month
  • 80 USD

50-User Pricing

For 50 Active Users
  • 12-months 930 USD in advance
  • 100 USD / month
  • 100 USD
Features involved in Pricing:
Unlimited Number of One-on-One Live Lessons
Unlimited Number of Video Contents
Unlimited Number of Questions and Tests
A practical online education system designed for teachers who want to tutor in the cloud!


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